Sunday, February 15, 2009

I did try an Octopi!!

The English minor in me is raising hackles at the bad grammar in that title... "an" being singular and "Octopi" being plural. Oh well, it rhymes. And to continue...

My oh my
An Octopi
I gave it to Amber
She named it Sky!


  1. Excellent! Nice work!

    and I agree, I should have said "some octopi" :)

    I just finished my third one, I like hte first one best. the other 2 are dark blue/teal and rose/light pink.

  2. I'm working on number two... it is a multi-colored blue, green, purple and white with a blue solid for the second yarn. I have 7 legs done. I made that first one, and then all the kids wanted one. And then they started in on requests: "can you make me a chihuahua?" "is there a pattern for an angel?" "how about a butterfly?" I'm going to be the amigurumi queen before long.

  3. Oh, I stuffed its head, too, and then stitched it shut at the smallest part of the body. I'm going to make a jingle-bell one for a friend's baby. I think it would make an awesome rattle!