Thursday, February 19, 2009

Some Crocheting I Refuse To Do!

But it sure is darling! I found it here.

Amigurumi Alien

Now that is my kind of project! Cute and quick! Ben will love his "rocket ship" I'm sure:)
(see link in previous post)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hello Kitty Complete...

...well, almost. I promised to make a few "accessories" as Abby would say. Hello Kitty isn't complete without a flower or bow on her ear! We thought we should add a few little flowers to the dress too.

Speaking of the dress, I created this myself! Started at the waist and spiraled down, increasing some to add flare, adding the loop-d-loop at the bottom, then coming back up to the top and adding a chest piece and straps! HK had to have many "fittings" as it evolved:)

I wanted to get a photo of her legs, they do exist! We did not add the tail yet. Abby is not sure it is necessary.

And of course the criss-cross back!

Final thoughts, I like her! But it will be a long while before I do another one! It took a long time for such a little, but luckily well-loved, amigurumi.

Now for Ben's requested item: an Amigurumi Alien which he is calling a "rocket ship" (I can see that)! I told him I would finish by morning so off to work I go!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hello Kitty!

Jen, this site has some awesome hello kitty Ami patterns:

Just thought you might be interested... I'm sure Abby would LOVE these :)

Four Complete!

So all I did for most of my three day weekend was crochet octopi! I made one, and then all the kids wanted one. So I had to make four. Now I have requests from friends... ahhh! They are cute little guys, and I've gotten pretty fast at making them. I'm down to about an hour per octopus.

Annmarie's Octopus

In order of creation... notice that they are a lot tigther and curlier with more practice

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Octopus II

Here's attempt number two at the octopus pattern. I like this one a little better. He's stuffed a little tighter, and his eyes stand out more. He's also more consistent. I'm getting the hang of keeping consistent tension on the yarn. These little guys are great for practicing such things, and the kids love them! For the eyes on this one, I did ch 4, then from 2nd ch from the end, sc in 2 ch to join them. I then cut the yarn and tied the two loose ends together. I pulled the loose ends through the octopus and tied them off in the back and shoved the loose ends into the body cavity. I don't know if I'd use this method if giving one of these little guys to an infant. The eyes done in this way could pop off if chewed upon. I'd stick to just stitching a contrasting yarn right onto the octopus.

I did try an Octopi!!

The English minor in me is raising hackles at the bad grammar in that title... "an" being singular and "Octopi" being plural. Oh well, it rhymes. And to continue...

My oh my
An Octopi
I gave it to Amber
She named it Sky!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Baby Grab Ball

No pattern link for this. I saw a baby playing with one and made up my own version. Made six small balls, left a long tail on them, filled them with stuffing and a couple bells, used one tail to stitch them together tightly, gathered all 6 tails and tied them in knots! Later I ended up making a loop with that knotted tail so we can hang it from things. Best part (besides the fact that babies love them) is that the decreases on the balls don't have to be pretty since they are hidden inside the cluster of balls. I will try to post my own pattern for these balls soon (remind me please)!

Why Not Try An Octopi?

This pattern was inspired by the pattern found here. I changed it up a bit to make it easier even though it is quite easy already. For this little guy I used Vanna's yarn, two strands (red and orange) with a size K hook. The legs curl on their own, sooo cute!

The Waldo Square

Here is my first Waldo Square. Perfect? Not hardly. But not too bad considering this is the first "real" thing I've attempted to crochet! I'm pleased with it. Now I just need to make 19 more....

Hexagon Fun

There are a lot of hexagon patterns out there but this one really caught my eye and I searched high and low for the free pattern online. I didn't follow their color suggestions of course:)