Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hello Kitty!

Jen, this site has some awesome hello kitty Ami patterns: http://arminas-aminals.blogspot.com/

Just thought you might be interested... I'm sure Abby would LOVE these :)


  1. this is great. now, i would not have said that 2 days ago. i looked high and low for a free pattern, stumbled across this one too, but wanted a more "real" looking one so i actually bought a set of patterns online. well guess what? they have big round heads instead of flat heads, just like all of the free patterns! grrr. luckily, it only cost me 8 bucks!

  2. Did you order one of the Japanese books? Or one in English. I saw this http://flickr.com/photos/22811120@N06/2243495889/ and now I want the pattern!

  3. I ordered what was supposed to be a non-schematic, english pattern but it is broken english and quite confusing. for example, it will tell you to increase or decrease a certain number per row and won't tell you where to do them, just tells how many sc you will have at the end. the pics look great, but they aren't turning out like them. there are schematics for the clothing so i need to teach myself how to follow them.