Thursday, April 23, 2009

Abby's Booties

She loves them! Ben's will be finished tonight...

She wanted a picture of her yoga pose:

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


They fit! So I made the other one and he wore them all afternoon and evening without falling off! They are snug but not tight. I made one of Ben's today and will make one of Abby's tonight. She wanted cotton yarn so we will see how that turns out!

Monday, April 20, 2009


First Bootie
I made one silly comment at a family gathering yesterday when I saw my uncle's leather slippers "Hey Uncle Mike I can make you some crocheted house slippers!" thinking that he would roll his eyes. He replied with "OK! Sure! I'll take three!" Then my mom "Me too!" and my cousin...well, you get my drift. Hmmmm, what have I gotten myself into? So I decided to start small and crochet my three kiddos some booties while I look for the perfect slipper pattern. I can't wait to see if this fits Conor tomorrow! Now that I have figured out the pattern it is REALLY easy!

First Bib
Appalled at the price of baby bibs I decided to make one. It took FOREVER and I realized that I won't be making too many more:) This one is for my cousin's new baby girl, Katelyn.

Night Sky Afghan Progress
I spent many a evening working on this and felt the need to switch to some smaller projects but I made a promise to myself not to leave it unfinished! Maybe by the time the cold weather returns it will be ready to use! I do love it!

Market Tote
I am also halfway through a market tote but ran out of one of the yarn colors and can't track it down so that project is on hold for now. I will post finished pics of it later.