Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Treat For Me!

The thinnest yarn I have worked with in a while. It takes longer and I like instant gratification so this is a big challenge for me but I fell in love with this yarn! It is Mini Mochi and it is very soft and lovely. My yarn shop is getting it in worsted weight in a couple days! There are several colors to choose from and it was hard to decide because they are all beautiful! I love how they gradually change from one color to the next. Here is a site that shows the other colors.

This will be a neck warmer. It's a very simple pattern I got from this site. Check out her pictures of all the different ways to wear it!

I also treated myself to very nice buttons to go with it. They are made out of nuts! Or maybe it's nutshells? Anyways, they are gorgeous.

Here is a clearer picture with the flash but it doesn't show the colors accurately so I included the above shot to do that.

I will be posting more projects in the making soon. I am working on several Christmas projects at the same time and completing 2-3 rows here and there on this in the meantime.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Baby Blanket

I am creating this post in early November but will not be posting it until after Christmas since it is a gift. This baby blanket is made from Lion Organic Cotton using this pattern (altered the size though). It is a very cute design with bumps on top and on the underside. It should be a nice snuggly blanky for Katelyn when she is in her car seat.

Close-up of the "bumps".
Update: Katelyn's mommy LOVES it:)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

iPhone Cozy

Well, the baby slept well after going to bed tonight so I finished! It took a while since I was using a skinny hook and sock yarn. Most of this was done in half-double crochet stitches in the back loop only which leaves a decorative ribbing around each row. The rows are joined on one side and the bottom was stitched together (it was made like a tube).

The flap was single crochets. The button hole was fun, first time for me. I found the button (I want to replace this someday with a way cooler button!) which was the width of 3 stitches so I chained 3 and skipped over 3 stitches then kept on with the single crochets in that row. The end of the flap looks curved because I went across the last row with bigger then smaller stitches. sc, hdc, hdc, dc, dc, dc, hdc, hdc, sc. When I was finished with the main part I went around the entire opening with a sc edge to give it a finished look.

And then there is the pretty purple case my hubby picked out. This is of course offering plenty of protection for the back and sides but not the beautiful touch screen.

Now on to all of the Christmas presents I want to crochet before I run out of time!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Birthday Penguin!

I finished this little guy at 2:00 AM last night, just in time to slip her into Amber's bedroom with a Birthday Girl ribbon pinned to it.  I adapted the pattern from here.  Really, all I did was change the eyes and add a tail.  For the feet, beak and tail, I intertwined yarn and embroidery thread for a neat multi-color look.  And my penguin-loving birthday princess loves it!!

My next project...

I have been looking at neck warmer patterns for Christmas presents. We aren't gifting for adults but I wanted to crochet something special for grandmas. Here are some of my favorites so far. Different colors would be used of course. All of these are made from a basic rectangle!

The next three are variations of the same pattern starting with the least frilly version.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Another Sleeve...Different Pattern

I like this pattern much better! I would suggest having a cup on hand so you can keep trying it on and making adjustments. Depending on your yarn size, hook size, and how tightly you crochet you will need to make adjustments.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Cup o' Jo Anyone?

Can't wait to test it out (this was yesterday's cup)! Here was my inspiration!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Monkey Ball

I looked online for some Monkey patterns and didn't find anything I loved so I made this one up. It's for a dear little monkey I know. :)

It's very simple, the head is a ball with a color switch. The snout is part of a ball sewn onto the face. The ears are little discs!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Divine Hat

Blurry picture since I wanted to get one without the flash brightening the colors (like the pic below). Made it with Paton's Wool yarn. Pattern is here, same person as the previous pattern. It's called the Divine Hat. Now I need to line the rim of it since it's itchy! I usually don't wear hats because I easily get hat-hair but it sure was nice wearing it the other day to cover up my messy hair when I went to pick Abby up from school the other day!

Still to come: I am working on a shawl for a Christmas present but I guess I can't show it until after Christmas!