Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Treat For Me!

The thinnest yarn I have worked with in a while. It takes longer and I like instant gratification so this is a big challenge for me but I fell in love with this yarn! It is Mini Mochi and it is very soft and lovely. My yarn shop is getting it in worsted weight in a couple days! There are several colors to choose from and it was hard to decide because they are all beautiful! I love how they gradually change from one color to the next. Here is a site that shows the other colors.

This will be a neck warmer. It's a very simple pattern I got from this site. Check out her pictures of all the different ways to wear it!

I also treated myself to very nice buttons to go with it. They are made out of nuts! Or maybe it's nutshells? Anyways, they are gorgeous.

Here is a clearer picture with the flash but it doesn't show the colors accurately so I included the above shot to do that.

I will be posting more projects in the making soon. I am working on several Christmas projects at the same time and completing 2-3 rows here and there on this in the meantime.


  1. Hi Jen,
    Oh, that is lovely! Great buttons!!
    Susan in New Zealand forwarded me your blog link. I'm up to my eyebrows myself in some Christmas crochet projects for the niece and nephews and LOVE some of the toys you've completed and posted pics of here. Your creativity is inspiring and I'll definitely be checking back :)

  2. I love the color!! Boy will your neck be really warm. I like the pictures of the idea page, how it can be worn as a scarf or cowl. Too cool. Maybe one day I will learn to crochet :)