Monday, April 20, 2009


First Bootie
I made one silly comment at a family gathering yesterday when I saw my uncle's leather slippers "Hey Uncle Mike I can make you some crocheted house slippers!" thinking that he would roll his eyes. He replied with "OK! Sure! I'll take three!" Then my mom "Me too!" and my cousin...well, you get my drift. Hmmmm, what have I gotten myself into? So I decided to start small and crochet my three kiddos some booties while I look for the perfect slipper pattern. I can't wait to see if this fits Conor tomorrow! Now that I have figured out the pattern it is REALLY easy!

First Bib
Appalled at the price of baby bibs I decided to make one. It took FOREVER and I realized that I won't be making too many more:) This one is for my cousin's new baby girl, Katelyn.

Night Sky Afghan Progress
I spent many a evening working on this and felt the need to switch to some smaller projects but I made a promise to myself not to leave it unfinished! Maybe by the time the cold weather returns it will be ready to use! I do love it!

Market Tote
I am also halfway through a market tote but ran out of one of the yarn colors and can't track it down so that project is on hold for now. I will post finished pics of it later.


  1. Those are great, Jen! Did the booties fit Conor? You'll have to send me your slipper pattern when you find one. That would be fun! You might want to consider getting some felting needles to put a felt bottom on slippers... it'll keep the yarn from fraying.

    I haven't had much time for anything lately, outside planning and executing birthday parties and Easter. Hoping to work on my doll some tonight!

  2. Thanks! I wasn't able to check the fit yet, rushed out of the house this morning to go to parent-baby class, came home to find out that my brother is in the hospital for gall bladder removal so I rushed off to see him (Chris worked from home to tend to the others). Just got back. Don is in surgery right now, I will keep you posted...

  3. Yikes! Hope he's ok! Definitely let me know how he's doing, and what happened!

  4. You have been busy. I sure hope Don is okay. I love the look of the market tote, can't wait to see your finished product.