Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sea to Sky

After much debate (with myself) I decided on my next big project. I wanted to make Chris an afghan and searched for a long time for the perfect pattern. This is the Seashore Afghan pattern that I chose different colors for and have since dubbed it The Night Sky. This has reminded me of something I learned long ago when choosing color schemes, look to nature for ideas. The Seashore Afghan is beautiful, representing the water, the sand, and crashing white waves but it is a bit too feminine for my hubby (in my opinion) so I hunted for the perfect yarn/colors to create one using dark gray, medium gray, burgundy, and off-white. I found the perfect yarn but had to compromise on the colors and chose these instead. As I worked the first row of gray I thought it blended in too much (this is the tan row in the seashore pattern and I like how that pops) and planned on changing it to burgundy but Chris likes it and that's what counts! It's probably better this way, adding a red may have made it look to much like a flag. And I should add, my yarn shopping was RIGHT in the middle of that recent snow storm. I had to go to Mill Creek to return some yarn. I was 5 minutes south of Mill Creek, driving on wet roads with dry skies when things suddenly changed for the worse. Long story short, heavy traffic on side roads + freak snow storm = slow going. It took me an hour and a half to get home when it only should have taken 20 minutes! I had both boys with me, every detour I could think of was blocked due to road conditions, and I was wearing sandals with no socks. Lesson learned!

(I lined it up to show what it will look like as the pattern repeats)

This yarn is like butter in your hands. It looks and feels like the softest cotton EVER but it is 100% synthetic (ironic since Chris was hoping for a natural fiber....I couldn't bring myself to pay those prices though)! 50% Super Fine Nylon and 50% Super Fine Acrylic. It's Berrocco "Comfort" worsted weight yarn. It is washable, dryable, and under $6 a skein! I had help choosing yarn from the fabulous customer service at a local yarn shop called Village Yarn & Tea.

I am excited to get it done and will probably neglect other crochet projects that might earn money in the meantime:) I am a little OCD in that way. I have earned about $80 so far! Not bad, huh? All of it has been from friends, none from Etsy, and I have a long list of ideas to work on soon.

Here is the other afghan that I fell in love with but it is made with Lion Brand Homespun yarn and I was warned that it might snag too easily in a household with three children so I will save it for another day or for another person:) It is the Zig Zag Afghan (not to be confused with the "chevron" zig-zags in the Seashore pattern).

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