Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hello Kitty Complete...

...well, almost. I promised to make a few "accessories" as Abby would say. Hello Kitty isn't complete without a flower or bow on her ear! We thought we should add a few little flowers to the dress too.

Speaking of the dress, I created this myself! Started at the waist and spiraled down, increasing some to add flare, adding the loop-d-loop at the bottom, then coming back up to the top and adding a chest piece and straps! HK had to have many "fittings" as it evolved:)

I wanted to get a photo of her legs, they do exist! We did not add the tail yet. Abby is not sure it is necessary.

And of course the criss-cross back!

Final thoughts, I like her! But it will be a long while before I do another one! It took a long time for such a little, but luckily well-loved, amigurumi.

Now for Ben's requested item: an Amigurumi Alien which he is calling a "rocket ship" (I can see that)! I told him I would finish by morning so off to work I go!


  1. I love her! She's so cute!! But yes, she needs a bow. And flowers on the dress would be awesome.

    Where do you get the eyes? I looked at Michaels and JoAnn and have not been able to find safety eyes.

  2. Neither of those places have them here either. I found them at Ben Franklin. Do you have those down there? Look online but search "solid black eyes", that is how I have successfully found them. They should only run about $1.50 for 8 (those are smaller ones, I think 6 or 8 mm).