Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Krochet Kitchen

My friend Katrina commissioned me for some crocheted bowls and a soup pot for a fabulous roll-up felt kitchen she made for her niece. I looked at the big bowl and it begged for fruits and veggies! So I threw in a few extras, after all, she is a fabulous friend who is always doing fabulous things for others:)

Again, no links to these items, all were freehand. There's a tomato, a pear, a green apple, a carrot, and a banana. I almost added something purple, like grapes or an eggplant, but the bowl was full! Here is a link to some fruit patterns I found but haven't tested yet.


  1. Thank you SO much for the produce - it was just the right "extra" touch!! I LOVE the soup pot with the tomato and carrot. It reminds me of Stone Soup. And it is the PERFECT size and shape for the burner. LOVE it. May need to buy more for the additional kitchens that I gin up. :o) Thanks again for your speedy and excellent work!!

  2. So cute!!!! Love the produce. It makes the bowls fun and exciting to see. Very creative Jen! Wish I had some time to crochet! LOL

  3. Sophia loved them. She took the whole kitchen to Nick's house so she can cook there as well (she already has a kitchen at my house that is overflowing with too much stuff). Thanks so much.