Sunday, December 13, 2009

Angora Scarf

My first lace work. The free pattern is here, it's called the Violet Points Scarf and it is very easy:) This picture shows the color and fuzziness accurately but the pattern is lost with this dark background.

So here is a shot that you can see the repeating pattern clearly but the color is off.

And most excitingly, this was my first time blocking my work. I left one end unblocked (I can finish it later) to see if there really was going to be a difference. And there is! I think the photo below speaks for itself. I used a very simple blocking method. I put a towel on the floor, pinned the scarf to it (in the position that I wanted the final product to be in), and sprayed the whole scarf with warm water. I patted the water into the scarf to ensure that it absorbed. I also patted it with a paper towel to soak up extra water. I let it dry for a couple days and it was done!

It's taller than me, it's a gift and I think the recipient will enjoy wearing it folded in half and ends tucked through the fold so it needed to be long. Oh, hmmm, I guess there's something missing here. I should be documenting the yarn I used and the hook size. I will try to remember looking at the yarn label next time I am at the yarn shop because I certainly don't have the label any longer. I do know it took two skeins!

Give it a try! It's soft and cuddly!

Update: I gave this to my mother-in-law for Christmas and she absolutely loves it. She wears this color a lot and was extremely excited about the color choice:)

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