Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Snug As A Bug In A Rug

Abby, Lily, Amelia, three sweet girls who met in preschool 3 years ago and formed a pretty strong friendship. Amelia moved to New Zealand several months ago. Not quite understanding exactly how far away NZ is, Abby sometimes asks if Amelia can come to certain parties, etc. Well, she is finally coming "home" for a visit and we are very excited to have a sleepover with Amelia and Lily this week!!! Amelia just turned 6 so we will celebrate that as well! We thought it would be fun to make each of the girls their own ladybugs with "ALA" embroidered on their bellies. ALA (which Abby pronounces Ayla) represents their initials and hopefully the girls will think of each other whenever they play with them. Oh, I should also mention that Lily and Amelia's moms are fabulous as well and we always have a great time together:) Abby's very first sleepover was at Lily's house and it was VERY memorable!

The idea for the ladybug came from the Lion Brand yarn website (and I just realized I need to put antennae on these three!) but I changed it a bit.

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