Thursday, May 28, 2009

Little Bit Of This and That

I have been making lots of fun little things for the kids these days. Some of these are from a few months ago but most are very recent. Abby's ice cream cone and Ben's blue mouse are missing from the photo. My favorites are the cat toy and loop toy for Conor.

The owls are cute but I want to try a different one, one with ear tufts!

Ben named his blue mouse Cheese so Abby named hers Port Salutia (pronounced suh-loo-ee-uh) after her favorite cheese.

Mmmmmm, donuts!

This cute little almost-finished fish will accompany the mermaid from the previous post:)

I am currently working on a turtle and today I saw a whole book on crocheted robots called "Crobots" so I will search for some free patterns on those tonight! The best part of all of this is when Ben goes to bed each night saying "Wait! I need my donut and my rocketshippy and my ice cream cone and my owly!" Then he snuggles up with all of them to fall asleep.


  1. Love love love the fish!! I need to get going again... I've been so wrapped up in reading Twilight... now that it's done, I can get back to making things :) I need to make something small, so I can get a sense of accomplishment. The gown on my geisha is taking freaking FOREVER to finish!

  2. These are SOOO awesome. Love the fish!

  3. Love them all Jen - the donuts are great! The fish - fabulous!! Madeline's going to flip. And the pink on the fish... perfect - Mad's new fave color (in addition to red and orange, of course).

    Etsy! Etsy! Patterns, at least. Share your talents, woman! And, get paid for it too. ;o)


  4. thanks all! i will definitely be doing some more for etsy...very slowly! Katrina, I thought I remembered you saying M liked pink now, good good! I need to finish the fish, the fin with the white edging is what the other fins and tail will have as well. then a smile, then it's done!